Harley Davidson performance  builds, is and always has been what set us apart from the others. With our complete machine shop and fabrication shop we do everything in house and we have over 50 years combined experience in the machine shop and engine building. We have spent many years testing and calculating with flow bench, dyno and racetrack results to prove our concepts for headwork and engine combinations.



Suzuki hayabusa Dragrace and street engine building, Stock engine size to big bore strokers, turbo motors, nitrous motors. We can advise and build what you need for your application. We have custom products we have designed for these motors for reliability and durability. (oil pan baffles and oil pressure relief valves) we do alot of engine mods to enchance the oiling system.

Transmission work on these bikes is mandatory if you are dragracing these. We take extra steps to insure your bike will stay in gear and shift properly without damage.




We start our spring with 100 plus tires along with brake pads, wheel bearings and oil filters, fluids. Ready to serve you, All brands of tires either in stock or available next day in most cases. We will answer your questions about tires and help you make a choice that fits your style and your budget. Don't make the mistake thinking all tires are made the same. Buy here knowing you are getting fresh tires and the best quality. 


Antique Harley Davidson restoration

We have restored Knuckle, Pan, Flathead, Shovel, Sporty, all the way back into the 1920's. Primarily Knuckle and Pans. The restorations begin with engine cases and transmission cases and frames being welded and machined back to original specs and then hand finished to blend any welds back to the original finish.

The welding restoration has been something we started doing 40 years ago. Myself and my son Shane  have 50 years experience combined doing these welding and machining repairs.

Many of our engine case restorations have been done for very renowned restoration bike experts.

We have been racing motorcycles since 1983

Having raced Kawasaki and Harley motorcycles, we settled on debuting the Suzuki Hayabusa in 2006. Clearly it has morphed into some very quick and fast bikes. The pictured bike to the right is one of 4 Suzuki Hayabusas that my son and I race. This bike has been 7.22 seconds in the 1/4 mile @ 198 mph, our goal for 2018 is over 200 mph and get in the 6 sec zone.

We  build race and street Hayabusa engines for our customers. We also do transmission work for the Hayabusa. Under hard riding conditions the Gen 1 is well known for popping out of 2nd gear.